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Cube hall

The Cube Hall is a salon hall mainly for the purpose of the chamber music. The Hall has a characteristic of the windows situated high up on the wall in four sides that gives soft and natural sunlight to inside. One-slope style is adopted in the seating area, and the stage has two section-platforms adjustable for utilisation. It is suitable for chamber music concerts, small-scale meeting and lectures.

  • Cube hall
    The design of the engraved four-sided three-dimensional inner wall is not just for looks. It has an acoustical purpose as well.
  • Cube hall
    The sound reflecting panels can be adjusted up and down to provide the ideal acoustics for the content of any performance.
  • Cube hall
    The quality of the view from all of our seats is well-known. With our single sloping seating arrangement, you feel close to the performers.

Seating Chart

  • CUBE HALL Seating Chart(PDF) Download
  • CUBE HALL Seating Chart(JPG) Download
  • A-15
  • C-6
  • G-22
  • H-1
  • I-15
  • LD-11
  • RB-2

By clicking on camera icon, you can see what the stage would look like from that point.

* Each picture was taken using a digital camera. The actual view may be different.


Hall Overview

Seating Capacity 318 (342 without using the platforms)
Measurements of the Seating Area width/18.5m x depth/15.0m x height/14.2m
Seating Area 282.1㎡
Measurements of Stage width/6.7m x depth/8.15m x height/13.3m (semi-thrust stage)
Stage Area 54.3㎡
Reverberation Time
without audience/1.85sec. with 80% of seating/1.70sec.
Attached Facilities Buffet, and Dressing Rooms (4, western style)