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The Square

The Square is the exhibition gallery of the total area of about 400 which has the space of 180m length for panel display. In the hall, many functions, including art exhibitions, receptions, parties and lectures, can be hold with using portable panels that make the hall to be used flexibly.

  • The Square(Exhibition room)
    The entrance to The Square is located upstairs from Jouhouichiba. If using the elevator from the first to the second floor, please come via the administration building.
  • The Square(Exhibition room)
    Example installation of movable panel. If you would like to use the movable panels please consult with us about your desired layout.
  • The Square(Exhibition room)
    A layout plan for the party.

Ground plan

Floor Plan


Facility Overview

Measurement width/20.7m x depth/18.5m x height/ 3.5m
Area 382.95㎡
Capacity 200