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The Marquee Hall, the horseshoe-shaped drama theatre, is designed in reference to the Swan Theatre, one of the Shakespeare theatres in Britain. The deep stage and complete audio and lighting facilities enable the audience to enjoy the attraction of all the theatrical arts, including the musical, operetta, and ballet.

  • Marquee hall
    A horseshoe shaped, classical European style hall.
  • Marquee hall
    Designed to make the stage easy to see for the audience.
  • Marquee hall
    Example of concert setup using echo plates.
  • Marquee hall
    Example of use of colored horizontal (background white) curtain.
  • Marquee hall
    Example of stage setup for ballet, etc.
  • Marquee hall
    Example of stage setup for lectures, etc.

Seating Chart

  • MARQUEE HALL Seating Chart(PDF) Download
  • MARQUEE HALL Seating Chart(JPG) Download
  • 1st floor,seat B-17
  • 1st floor,seat G-27
  • 1st floor,seat I-34
  • 1st floor,seat L-4
  • 1st floor,seat Q-17
  • 1st floor,seat U-12
  • 1st floor,seat U-32
  • 1st floor,seat U-42
  • 1st floor,seat U-59
  • 1st floor,seat W-22
  • 2nd floor,seat A-1
  • 2nd floor,seat A-31
  • 2nd floor,seat A-54
  • 2nd floor,seat B-13
  • 3rd floor,seat A-13
  • 3rd floor,seat A-31
  • 3rd floor,seat A-42

By clicking on camera icon, you can see what the stage would look like from that point.

* Each picture was taken using a digital camera. The actual view may be different.


Hall Overview

Seating Capacity 798(710 when using the orchestra pit) (1F/647,2F/109,3F/42)
Measurements of the Seating Area width/25.5m x depth/25.0m x height/16.0m
Seating Area 950.5㎡
Measurements of Stage width/14.58m x depth/15.45m x height/9.45m (proscenium stage)
Stage Area 217.5㎡
Reverberation Time
without audience/1.34sec. with 80% of seating/1.26sec.
Attached Facilities Buffet, Dressing Rooms (5, western style), Shower Room, and Laundry